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Embedded Systems

BITSILICA offers a wide variety of services/solutions in the domain of the Embedded system. Our offerings in the Embedded space include


  • Firmware Development & Validation 

  • Device Drivers Development & Testing 

  • Core Board Support Packages 

  • Multimedia (Audio & Video) 


Our team has expertise in working with different families of microcontrollers like NXPs LPC2148 ARM7, Microchips PIC16FXXX, PIC18FXXXX, AVR 32, STM32, etc. Our engineers have good knowledge of Software development life cycle. Our team is well versed in optimizing the Software to suit different target platforms.


We have expertise in developing Kernel modules, and device drivers for Linux and Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) based on different application requirements. Our team added driver support for multiple Software Defined Radios to Open Air Interface (OAI 5G) stack.

Some of the key industries that our engineers have worked on so far are Health care, Defence, Communications, Smart Cities, Automotive, Transportation, etc.

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