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Our Offerings

BITSILICA is supporting clients in developing complex ASIC/SoCs with our expertise in processors, mobile, networking, automotive, 5G, and multimedia technologies. We offer a wide range of ‘Concept to Pre-Silicon’ Design Services including Design Specification, RTL  Design, Functional Verification, Logic Synthesis, Physical Design & STA.

Our Services

Our Services

End-to-end SoC/IP/FPGA Services from an experienced, dependable, and result-oriented services partner

IP / SoC Verification

Verification expertise in IP/SoC/Subsystem, including Functional Verification, Formal Verification...

RTL Design

Design expertise in IP/SoC/Subsystem, including Development of Micro-architecture, RTL Design...

Physical Design & STA

Physical design expertise for Block level and SoC level, from netlist to GDS including Floor Planning, Placement, Clock Tree...

Embedded Systems

Device drivers development, Firmware development & validation, BSP, Multimedia...


FPGA design expertise including IP Design & Integration and FPGA HW/SW Support for Xilinx/Altera/Microchip...

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision and NLP based solutions and services targeting platforms like edge, IoT, mobile devices, cloud...

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients deliver the technologically advanced products of superior quality with challenging time to market and in the process build a world-class company that attracts, values, and retains quality talent ....

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